CAR Renaissance Foundation

Stuart Sobel

Board Adviser

Stuart P. Sobel is the President of Tax Media Network, Inc., which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has many years of unique experience and wisdom which can be shared with audiences.

During his 30 years working for the Internal Revenue Service, Stuart held a number of positions including Internal Revenue Agent, Chief Examination Branch, Chief Review Staff, and Group Manager.

His firm Stuart Sobel Consulting, Inc. provided tax consulting in many areas including tax planning, business creation, tax-exempt filing, strategic planning, charitable giving, employee benefits, and tax-free exchanges.

He has helped to create thousands of diverse businesses and non-profit organizations including public charities, trade associations, and athletic organizations worldwide.

Stuart has helped to form international entities in a number of countries including Belize, Senegal, Central African Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Lebanon, Suriname, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon, Bulgaria, Romania, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Philippines, Romania, Kenya, Congo, Zambia, and Nicaragua.

Mission Statement

C.A.R Renaissance Foundation has for mission to fight poverty and provide hope and much needed resources to C.A.R's most vulnerable and at risk population: children, women and unemployed young men. Our effort is focused on prevention and emergency relief responses. We aim to provide efficient and sustainable short and long term solutions through our Education & Training, Health & Child Care, and Emergency Relief Programs.