CAR Renaissance Foundation

Michele Assati Kingrey

Executive President

Michele Assati Kingrey received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University with a particular interest in Water Resources and Construction Engineering.

She has various background in Construction Management and Architectural Technology and worked as an intern for Lavigne Associates Architects.

She worked as a Student Assistant Instructor and Assistant Researcher within the College of Engineering and The Civil Engineering Department, respectively, at The Ohio State University.

She interned with ARCADIS, an International Environmental Engineering Firm, where she was a part of the Computer Modeling team in charge of implementing new green designs for Columbus City, Ohio Sanitary Sewer System.

Currently, she is the owner of Jolie African Boutique, selling natural African and African inspired body, skin and hair care products, clothing, artwork, handbags, and other products.

On her spare time she volunteers within her community helping those in need, goes to farmer markets, sew, crochet, and bike. She is a wife to Charles Kourouma and a mother of two girls.

Mission Statement

C.A.R Renaissance Foundation has for mission to fight poverty and provide hope and much needed resources to C.A.R's most vulnerable and at risk population: children, women and unemployed young men. Our effort is focused on prevention and emergency relief responses. We aim to provide efficient and sustainable short and long term solutions through our Education & Training, Health & Child Care, and Emergency Relief Programs.