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24 January 2014 by Esmet Hajrizi

Health & Child Care

C.A.R is a landlocked country slightly smaller than Texas with a population of 4.5 million. The country ranks 154th among the world's 174 poorest countries with 95% of its population living on less than $2 dollars a day with a disruption of farming due to over 200,000 people internally displaced.

According to UN data, some 15% of C.A.R. population suffers from HIV/AIDS, making it one of the world's 10 worst hit countries, while the number of children orphaned by AIDS continues to escalate.

Preventable diseases such as polio, malaria, measles, and meningitis, already at epidemic levels, have reach new high and take a daily toll.

C.A.R. RF Health and Child Care program provides medical supplies, education about preventive diseases, and arm the community at large with tools to help reduce the mortality rate and live a healthier life style.

Short Term Objectives

  • Phase I
    1. Water purification
    2. Medical assistance to Internally displaced person (IDP's).
    3. Treating crime victims to include sexual crimes victims.
    4. Job placement for the internally displaced person.

    Our goal is to develop a system in place to enhance the well-being of the people of Central African Republic through technical assistance and socio-economic development. We want to empower families, men, women and children with the knowledge they need to improve their health condition. In order to be successful, we must activate the critical resources that will help restore the dignity and reputation of the victims within the societies or communities.

  • Phase II
    1. Create Focus Groups
    2. Training Programs
    3. Hire Instructors, Mid Wives and Nurses
    4. Reconstruction Project

    Initiatives in the area of reparation, healing for victims of crisis will be paramount to the re-functioning of the society. Identifying, taking statements and publicly acknowledging the distress of the men, women and children will stimulate the recognition of the victims.